Sunday, March 2, 2014

My Current Workout

When I go to Planet Fitness, I tend to use the weight machines. I never felt comfortable using barbells just in case I tried to lift something more than I can handle. They do have dumbbells at various weights. Maybe I will try the EZ curve barbells in the future. These also come in various weights and look like they can be easier to handle that the normal stack barbells

As I said, I have been using the weight machines. These targets different parts of your body. This is what I do when I lift, I start at one weight and do 12 repetitions. Then I add 5 pounds and do 10 repetitions. On my final set, I add another 5 pounds and do 8. I think people call this planking. Once the final set starts to get easier, I increase the weight for my first set on my next workout.

This is my current workout, with the weights I am working on. I will add images eventually to show you what the machine looks like:

Machine Set 1 Set 2 Set 3
Leg Press 125 130 135
Toe raises* 30 40 50
Leg Extension 30 35 40
Leg Curls 30 35 40
Fly Delt 25 30 35
Rear Delt 20 25 30
Chest Press 35 40 45
Pull Down 50 55 60
Row 35 40 45
Overhead Press 20 25 30
Arm Curl 15 20 25
Arm Extension* 15 20 25
Back Extension 62.5 75 87.5
Ab Crunch 50 62.5 75
Abdominal 60 65 70
Torso Rotation 60 65 70
Hip Abduction 40 45 50
Hip Adduction 45 50 55
Glutes 50 55 60

*Maintenance Weight. This is the weight I will stop at. Sometimes the machine is a little awkward and I would rather use a lighter weight than a heavier weight and risk injury. In the case of the arm extension, it puts a lot of strain on my wrist. This machine is not ideal for somebody who has shorter arms. I am also going for toning rather than bulk. Once I am happy with an area, I will stick with that weight to maintain. With the toe raises, I am happy with my calf muscles.

Along with the weight lifting I try to get at least 20 minutes of cardio. I usually use either the treadmill or bike for this.

Now that you have a picture of me, I will keep you updated. Plus anything else I pick up such as other exercises, meals, tips and so on I will share. Hopefully this blog will keep me motivated and maybe you too.

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