Sunday, March 2, 2014

My Weight Loss Goal

I am starting this blog to track my progress with my exercise and eating habits.

I am 48 years old and my current weight is 163 pounds. I am four feet ten inches tall. For my height, my ideal weight is between 105 to 110 pounds. I have not seen this weight since I was in high school. At that time I was running on the track team, running up to ten miles a day.

Today, I cannot see getting back down to my ideal weight. I think 130-140 would be a more realistic goal. Since, I will be adding weight lifting in my routine, I understand I am not going to lose pounds if I gain more muscle. Therefore, I might slim down without actually losing a lot of weight. I currently wear a size 12 pants. I have a pair of pinstriped pants that is a size ten that have not fit me in a while. I have avoided donating them to the Salvation Army because I always have the hope to fit back into them again one day. So I will be happy if I reach that goal.

As of today these are my measurements:
Hips 41.5
Waist 39.5
Upper abs 38.5

According to these measurements, my BMI is 34%. According to that I am obese. However, I have looked for calculators that will take in other measurements as well that will calculate muscle mass and bone sized. I have a medium bone build.

Well the good thing is I have been working out at Planet Fitness. It is not far from my house and the cost is reasonable at $20.00 a month. I am a Black Card member, where I can bring a guest in with me. With this membership I can also tan and use the Ergoline Beauty Lounge. Here is a link so you get an idea what this is and what it does;

While Planet Fitness may not be for everyone, such as the ones who are into serious body building, it works for me. I did join about two years ago. However, I got lazy for a while and got back into it at the beginning of the year. And I did lose at least a half inch on my hips and abs.

My biggest area of concern is my abs. When I look in the mirror I do not like what I see. I still have stretch marks from when I was pregnant, even though my youngest is 18 years old. It even still looks like I pregnant. I have to wear my pants pulled up to my belly button. If I wear them lower, then my belly would sag over the pants. While some people are comfortable with this, I am not. So my main part of my workouts will be focusing on the abdominals and love handles.

It will motivate me more to workout when I can look at these images.

The next area I want to address are my hips. They are not as noticeable as my abs. All I need to do for these is to firm up my buttocks a little.

The rest of my body I am fine with. I have good leg muscles that I got from my running days. My measurements are:
Thigh: 22.75
Calf: 14.25

I just need to work on my inner thighs more to tone them up.

For my upper body my forearm measures 9.5 and upper arm 11.5. They are well defined. However, I do have bat wings, and am working more exercises for my Triceps.

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