Monday, March 3, 2014

Exercise Videos on Amazon Prime

I do have a Kindle Fire. I also have an Amazon Prime membership that will run out in October. The reason why I didn’t like AP is that sometimes I could get to watch a show or movie for free-that why I paid for the membership. Then as I would get into a program, all of a sudden they would want me to pay money. Therefore, I switched to Netflix.

Then as I started this blog, I was browsing different videos and exercises that I could do at home. I checked to see what I could find on Netflix. Nothing caught my eye. However, on Amazon Prime, I found a bunch of videos. I right now have a Jillian Michaels ab video on my Kindle. If I am satisfied with this video and others, I might decide to keep my Prime membership.

Now this video is just over an hour long and it is suggested that I do the workout for six weeks, five days a week. With my current workout at Planet Fitness, this will be difficult when I am working, since I usually spend an hour at PF.

Now for the workout, it will be tricky trying to hold my Kindle and try to do the workout. I will have to make do since we don’t have enough space in front of the tv to workout.

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