Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Doctor Oz 3-Day Detox

The Doctor Oz 3 Day Detox entails drinking three to four juices a day plus taking omega three and a multi-vitamin. The details are listed in the website below:


I wanted to give this a try since I am trying to lose weight-you can lose up to four pounds during the three days. But mostly I wanted to see if the hype was true that we have toxins stored up in our bodies. I had been feeling tired and feeling under the weather, having no type of energy and the such.

It is best to get all of the ingredients ahead of time. I had most-and all for the breakfast shake. One day one I had the breakfast shake and went to run some errands with my daughter before hitting the grocery store. My daughter suggested we get some lunch. So I pulled into the nearest 5 Guys. Not a great start. So decided to restart Day 1 on the next day. I did make the lunch shake and had that for my dinner. However, woke up hungry around midnight and had a bowl of ice cream.

After starting over on Day 1 (the second one) things went smoother. I feel that the shakes keep me full and the lunch one has some many ingredients that I don't need a snack shake. The only thing I decided to do was to include a regular meal for dinner, which consists of a meat and sometimes a small potato. Even with this change I do feel like I have more energy and have lost two pounds.

Q. Was it hard?

All it takes is some food preparation and this usually takes 10 to twenty minutes. I have one of those nutri bullets and it is excellent for juicing. When I make my lunch shake I make my dinner shake ahead of time and keep it in the fridge.

Q. Was it difficult to find the ingredients? And how much was it?

Most-if not all of the ingredients can be found at your local grocery store. It promises that all the ingredients would cost no more than $16 a day. I did get a majority of the ingredients at my local Price Rite-which is similar to Aldi's and Save-A-Lot. I also purchased frozen fruit instead of fresh. I saved money that way. I also have my mulit-vitamins and Omega 3-S at home. If you need to buy these plus purchase a blender or bullet, it will cost more. But it is a good investment for future detox. I do a lot of comparison shopping. Like I said I purchased frozen fruit-raspberries and blueberries=and cut the price in half. I have no problem purchasing a store brand compared to a brand name. I think after I got everything I needed, I spent about $43. It would have been about $93 if I needed to get the bullet. Then about $20-30 more if I needed to get the multi-vitamin and Omega 3S, There you have to comparison shpt. Some pharmacies offer a buy 1 get 1 free deal.

Q. Were they easy to make?

Yes! When I first got that Bullet for Christmas, I was afraid that I would burn the motor out-like I do on my blenders. I did use a little caution by slicing up the celery rather than throwing the stalks in it. So I don't overwork my Bullet, I blend a few ingredients before I add more. I just need to have some liquid in it so it blends easily. After you prepare the ingredients, it takes less than a minute of blending.

Q. Were you hungry throughout the day?
Well after that first Day 1 epic fail, I have not had much problem. The breakfast drink is not as filling and sometimes was hungry by the time I got to the lunch juice. Other than that, the other juices kept me full. Since I mentioned I eat a small dinner, I wasn't hungry for the dinner juice. But it was helpful when I woke up in the middle of the night-I do have a problem sleeping through the night because I work nights.

Q. How did they taste

For me the breakfast drink and dinner drinks tasted the best. The lunch drink was good too. I do prefer fruits to vegetables and the lunch drink contains mostly vegetables with some apple and pineapple to give it a good taste.

Q. How did they make you feel?

It did make me feel a little tired and did have a small headache on the first two "real" days. But that was because I was staying away from coffee and sticking to detox tea. So those headaches may have been from withdrawal from caffeine. I haven't been craving sweets-but maybe that is because I am including a regular meal for dinner.

Q. Did it "clean you out"?

I did not have to run to the bathroom many times. I did urinated more than have bowel movements. I do have a bowel movement once a day-and they are not loose stools. The one thing I notice-and this may be too much information-is that my pooh is green. That is from the kale and spinach and berries. But I guess it does play a role in removing toxins.

Q. Did you lose weight?

About two pounds. Maybe 3 by tomorrow. I just have to get into a healthy diet to keep it off.

Q. What was the biggest challenge?

Getting side-tracked. I can be distracted easily by a television show or the Internet, that I miss my noon-time feeding. On my second day 1, I didn't have my lunch drink until almost three in the afternoon.

Q. Would you do it again?

Absolutely! I am thinking of doing it once a month or even picking a day once a week to do a cleanse. Even adding a juice to the daily diet will be beneficial. I am going to research other cleansing juices.