Monday, March 3, 2014

Never Mind

Well I decided to forget about the Jillian Michaels workout. It is a very good workout but I don’t really have enough floor space to do it. It seems that all our floor space in the house is occupied by furniture and other items. This house I not ideal to work out in if I need a lot of room. So I will be working on creating a better exercise environment. Also on the video I was trying there were some moves that were hard for me even in the beginner mode. I remember having to do squat thrusts years ago. I can’t even do one today.

I did find some exercise apps on my kindle that are very easy to follow. For example, I have an ab workout with twenty exercises. I do each exercise for a certain amount of time and there is enough time between exercises to rest and get into position for the next one.

I also have an app that will help me get up to 200 sit ups. I start out by doing a couple a day and work myself up. At one time I was able to do between 80 and 90 sit ups at a time. Maybe this program will get me up there.

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