Wednesday, March 5, 2014


I did the Jillian Michaels 6 Week six-Pack program. Overall it is not bad there are some exercises that are a little hard. For example, the side planks are difficult because it requires a lot of upper body strength so I have to modify it to be a little more comfortable for me. I also should invest in wrist guards and maybe knew pads because these are what usually get to me.

Well, the way this program runs you are to do Level One for three weeks and then switch to Level 2 for another 3 weeks. You have to do the program five days a week. Even though it is only a 30 minute workout, it might be hard with my work schedule especially if I work overtime. I am sure if I was not working, I would be able to easily incorporate it into my daily workout. What I may have to do is reserve Jillian’s workout for my days off. When I complete 15 workouts, then I will move on to Level 2 and do 15 more workouts. It will take me longer than 6 weeks. However, if I stick with it, I should have the same results if I completed the program in 6 weeks. Even if they are not six pack abs, I am very sure I will be satisfied with the results.

Another thing about me, I get bored easily. I think for me it would be better to use a variety of ab/workout routines. I noticed this the other day I went to Planet Fitness. I was lifting at one of the machines and said to myself, “this is getting boring.” Even though on some of the machines I am lifting more than when I started, I am afraid I am going into the same habit when I started Planet Fitness. I stopped going because I could not motivate myself to go. It might be the same with the Jillian Michaels program. If I try to do the workout each day, I might not complete the program. So I am looking into other routines, such as using the free weights.

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